What’s the best publicity? FREE publicity! Here’s how to get YOURS with Australia’s best press release writer

There’s only ONE thing more thrilling that seeing your business covered in magazines, newspapers, online, on the TV or radio – and that’s seeing the press release you’ve had a writer create for you, reproduced verbatim.

Studies show editorial content is up to 13 times as credible as advertising.

That’s because there is a perceived lack of bias in editorial content.

Think of that. Imagine how it feels to have the media give credence to a story that you write!

Camilla’s clients will tell you, it feels pretty good.

Why you’ll be hard pressed to find another press release writer like Camilla

Press release writers (sometimes known as media releases, or news releases) need one very important skill – the ability to get inside the head of journalists, editors and producers.

Imagine if your news release copywriter was an ex-journalist…

They’d automatically know exactly what editors want to see in your pitch and media release. Wouldn’t that be worth its weight in gold?! Camilla’s results prove it that indeed it is.

Copywriting Client Brisbane“Camilla really immersed herself into our brand, and always offered up suggestions, continuous improvement options, market/segment growth strategies – a real value add. Her ability to connect, listen, question, understand and articulate our brand, products and vision was exceptional.” Serge Nagra, Bella Lujo.

Have an ex-journalist write your press release

Unlike most other freelance press release writers, Camilla has actually been ‘on the other side of the fence’.

She was a freelance journalist for many years while working at ad agencies, writing for music press, lifestyle publications and daily newspapers.

She worked closely with various magazine and newspaper editors, so knows exactly how to position your story and write the release, to make it easy for those who distribute the ‘news’ to say YES to giving your business column inches.

This means more FREE media coverage for you

You may be looking for FREE media coverage because:

  • You’re looking for an economical way to reach a mass audiences (as compared with paid advertising)
  • You want to build brand awareness and create demand for what you offer
  • You need to manage or control your image
  • You want to position yourself/your brand as  popular, an expert, authority, or create a perception that you’re successful.

Don’t waste time with press release copywriters who haven’t had several years experience working in and with the very media they’re attempting to write for.

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Camilla knows what magazine, newspaper and online editors want and how to give it to them in the professionally written package that easy for them to use and reproduce – more often than not, verbatim.

Here’s the depth of work that goes  into every media release Camilla writes:

  • Research your product/industry
  • Discuss target markets with you
  • Identify your best angle for maximum chance of coverage
  • Write a killer release that’s designed to grab attention and sell your business/product
  • 2 rounds of revisions (up to 10%)
  • Present to you with the release in correct format, ready to send to media outlets
Want Camilla to send out your release and deal with the press too?

Can do. Camilla offers numerous PR services outside just writing press releases.

For example, she can distribute your release to the relevant media and act as media liaison on your behalf, increasing the chances of your release being ‘picked up’ by a publication.

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