How to eliminate forever the guilt of constantly pushing your newsletter to the bottom of your To Do list – knowing full well it could be making you SALES …

Let’s face it: If you run a business, you’re busy.  The last thing you have time for is planning killer content, strategising your sales messages, dreaming up special promotions and staying abreast of the latest research in how to design newsletters for maximum conversion.

Never mind finding the time to write the newsletter and put it all together in an email distribution program.

But every month you push it to the bottom of your to do list, you know you’re losing sales!

sydney copywriting client “I would absolutely recommend Camilla to friends/colleagues because her copy gets results. In one project she reworked the structure and style of a corporate email newsletter that goes to a database of 10,000 readers each month. After the new structure and copy were implemented, the newsletter open rate increased by over 20%.  – Brianna Vidal

The answer is to hire an expert newsletter service provider, who can take the whole thing off your hands and:

  • Plan your content
  • Strategise your sales messages and promotions
  • Write awesome articles that your customers and prospects actually want to read
  • Put it into a professionally designed template
  • Source images with impact to keep the layout visually engaging
  • Send it out to your database, whenever you want
  • Organise printed copies if your audience prefers to receive communciation by snail mail

Can you imagine how much easier you’ll sleep, knowing that a brilliant, monthly or bi-monthly piece of communication is landing in your customer’s inbox, on-time – without you having to lift a finger?

Camilla offers a range of high converting newsletter services

Some clients just want the newsletter articles and sales messages written and their inhouse team puts it all together and sends it.

Other business owners who are smaller and don’t have in-house resources choose the EASY option – and Camilla handles it all.

Whatever you need and however you like to work, Camilla’s newsletter service can fit in with you

Take a look at some of the newsletters Camilla has written for clients below and you’ll see that it doesn’t matter what type product or service you offer, Camilla will:

  1. Craft the perfect ‘voice’ to suit your audience and
  2. Deliver compelling news that readers want to hear about.

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