Business Owners: The World Does NOT Need Another Boring Brochure – Here’s How The Right Brochure  Copywriter Can Help Avoid Yours Becoming Shredder Fodder…

It’s happened to us all.

You’re handed a brochure by a well meaning client or friend, excited about their new business venture.

Unfortunately there’s no catchy, benefit-driven headline, no engaging subheads… the rest of the lack lustre copy just languishes there between it all, bleaching your eyeballs with its banality…

As a brochure copywriter of more than 12 years, Camilla’s seen her fair share of tragic printed promotional material.

She can advise you on what your brochure should contain, along with what NOT to do (e.g. slapping your logo on every page like it’s the most important thing in the world – yes, she came across one brochure like this once!).

She has now made it her mission to banish boring brochure copy from as many business’ coffee tables, exhibition stands, briefcases, bookshelves and mail outs, as possible.

Blisteringly brilliant brochure copy awaits your business

Copywriting Client Brisbane“Camilla’s work is Wonderment – the outputs (across various mediums – web, print, media, brochures, etc) was bang on brief, articulated and represented better than we had envisioned possible.” Serge Nagra, Bella Lujo

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But wait, aren’t brochures dead, Camilla?

Yes, we ARE in the age of communicating in 140 characters or less, but brochures still absolutely have their place.

A well written brochure is the perfect way to introduce prospects to your product or service.

Executed flawlessly and they’re a fantastic sales tool.

Of course, not all brochures are created equal. In fact, most are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

As a brochure copywriter, Camilla’s a rare breed…

Her brochure copy contains creative concepts that pop. Irresistible offers play alongside them, in counterpoint to the copy’s compelling melody.

Your audience will be so wrapped up, they’ll hardly notice the fine art of persuasion having its way with them – not at least until it’s too late and their credit card is out on the table…

There’s no two ways about it…

Brochures that are read, talked about and passed on, are in the minority.

But, this represents a GREAT opportunity for you to stand out – so long as you act quickly.

Make no mistake, sooner or later, a Cassanova-style brochure like the ones Camilla writes, will eventually make its way into your customers hands and worm its way into their heart.

Is that brochure going to be yours? Or one of your competitors’?

Work with a brochure copywriter who knows how to sell.

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Brochure copywriting for all shapes and sizes of brochure– and all types of clients:

  • Real Estate developments (residential & commercial)
  • Legal services
  • Fertility treatments
  • Accounting firms
  • Chiropractors
  • Financial services,
  • Personal training,
  • Property developers
  • Life coaching
  • Internet marketers and SEO services
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Government
  • Home décor
  • Home automation
  • Training products
  • Automotive products
  • Commercial storage solutions
  • Make up artistry
  • Beauty spas/salons
  • and more!

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Each brochure is different – from the most creative ‘coffee-table’ showpiece, to a cost effective DL letterbox flyer. Advise Camilla of your requirements and she’ll reply pronto with a quote.

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