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If you want to know how the BIG money is being made online, you need to tap into the knowledge bank of a copywriter who produces RESULTS. Now, for a limited time, Australia's most in-demand copywriter is sharing the EXACT letter that generated $2,000,000 in just 4 weeks for one of her clients.

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Top brands like L'Oreal, BMW and Audi pay thousands of dollars per hour to access Camilla's expertise, but today you can get VIP access to her knowledge vault, join her newsletter and grab the report that made her client multiple millions, in under a month - FREE!

Global brands entrust their website copywriting, sales page copy, email campaigns, blogging, brochures, direct mail copywriting, advertisement copy and more…

To Camilla Jones – Award Winning Copywriter & Marketing Strategist. (Based on Australia’s Gold Coast and works with clients worldwide).

Previous clients include:

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From The Desk of Camilla Jones:

Australia’s Million Dollar Copywriter & Creative Strategist.

Attn: Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Managers & Account Managers…

There’s no ‘big secret’ to making money – online or offline.

There’s just one simple formula…

Find a hungry audience and give them what they want and value.

So why aren’t businesses like yours earning millions through their websites?

Sure, there can be technical or operational reasons – a ‘leaky’ sales funnel, a website that’s not optimised for maximum conversions, or a range of other issues I’ve become skilled at identifying, in over 13 years consulting to market-leading brands, as a marketing strategist.

Overwhelmingly, the problem is that businesses don’t effectively communicate the value of their product or service.

This is where a copywriter skilled in direct response copy comes in.

Direct response is a form of copywriting few writers are trained in. Fewer still are what you’d call ‘experts’.

But don’t worry, you can easily discern which copywriters are the ‘real deal’.

They’ll have:

  • Verifiable results (like generating $2,000,000 from one letter),
  • Have won awards for the effectiveness of their copy (like my 2005 ‘Most Effective’ award from the Australian Marketing Institute Award) and
  • Testimonials from clients who can clearly quantify the return on investment their copywriter has delivered.
Wouldn’t you love your copywriter to generate returns on investment like this?…
  • 605,960% return on investment for direct mail

  • 6145% return on investment for media release and media liaison services

  • 2,000 more newsletters opened, due to redesign and rewriting

Hiring a direct response copywriter is the equivalent of bringing in serious firepower…

Copywriting Client Brisbane   “Already my business is growing due to the professional messaging put together by Camilla.” Matt Gooding, Lifeguard Pool Inspections.



Sales Page Copywriter “We’ve seen a steady growth of our business since using Camilla.” Sally Asher, Weight Loss Coach – Thin For Life.

Having studied, tried and tested my direct response techniques ‘in the trenches’ of real world markets –  I KNOW what copy works.

Let me have a sales conversation with the people who should be buying what you offer and I’ll communicate your message in such a powerfully persuasive way, it’ll become near impossible for your audience NOT to take action.

You’ll become the only one they want to buy from – and they’ll take action FAST.

So how do you know if you need a new copywriter?

It’s easy to tell if your existing copywriter is selling what you offer, to its full potential…

Your bank balance.

If you’re happy with yours, then there’s no need to contact me for a free quote.

If however, you have a sneaking suspicion your copy isn’t working as hard for you as it could be, there’s nothing at all to lose…

Go ahead and request a free copywriting quote today.

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Speak with a copywriter who KNOWS what works.

I am based on Australia’s Gold Coast, however meet with clients via Skype, so am able to service all metropolitan and regional Australia during normal business hours and the rest of world at scheduled times.

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Award Winning Copywriting

Camilla’s ability to deliver outstanding results has been recognised with an AMI ‘Effectiveness’ Award.

Proven Results

A one page letter Camilla created for a client generated $2,000,000 in additional revenue in Q4 2013.

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Hear what other people have to say about working with Australia’s finest copywriter.

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