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Camilla is one of Australia’s most sought after direct response copywriters and creative strategists, for one very good reason – she makes her clients money.

Through strategic consulting and copywriting services, she can help you – just as she’s helped hundreds of other frustrated business owners – to communicate authentically and persuasively in all aspects of your marketing, sales and PR, exploding your profits and dominating your niche.

Businesses who view success as an imperative call Camilla first, because of her ability to deliver results like:

    • $2,000,000 from a one page letter (Download her book Million Dollar Letters for how she did this)
    • Over $100,000 worth of media coverage from a single media release
    • Marketing material which sold out a Life Coaching seminar and resulted in a 6 figure day selling from stage
    • $3,000,000 penthouse SOLD – the same day her press ad was run
    • Entire apartment block SOLD ‘off the plan’ using her branding concept and ad copy
    • 20% increase in newsletter open rates due to her copy and design strategy

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6 Reasons Why Camilla Is The ONLY Copywriter & Creative Strategist You’ll Ever Want Or Need 

For more than 12 years, many of the world’s largest brands have sought Camilla’s copywriting and creative conceptualisation expertise to sell their products online, in print, on TV, the radio, via mail, email and outdoor media.

Camilla has an uncanny knack for capturing the illusive essence of brands (you know, that hard to articulate ‘vibe’), and transforming it into engaging copy that jumps off the page and inspires action – whether it’s getting a customer to call, mail back a form or click through to your checkout.

“Before briefing Camilla, I wasn’t sure if an outsider to my life/work style would “Get it”, understand, or be able to sell something they are not passionate about themselves… I was wrong and my fears were completely unfounded – Camilla’s enthusiasm, passion and understanding popped off that page, as if I had written the copy myself (If I had that ability of course!).”

- Chrissy Keepence, The Lindy Charm School For Girls

1. Multinational advertising agencies hire Camilla to crack their most difficult briefs

There’s a BIG difference between scratching together some copy for a few web pages and coming up with award-winning creative concepts that cut through the clutter of mainstream advertising – and SELL. This is why you won’t find many freelance copywriters online with an advertising agency background – it’s a tough gig!

Camilla honed her writing chops in the extremely competitive environment of advertising agencies. To this day, agencies still outsource their most difficult and high profile briefs to Camilla, when their in-house writers can’t come up with the goods. Fortunately,  since Camilla offers freelance copywriting services, you don’t have to go through the expense of hiring an agency, to work with her.

How do you know she’s good? One of the first agencies to outsource work to Camilla is STILL with her after 12 years – now that’s loyalty.  You can take a look at some of her Advertising work here.

2. She invests tens of thousands of dollars a year, to remain on the cutting edge of business and marketing

Camilla’s passion for business, entrepreneurship and marketing sees her spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on professional development. Since 2002 she has studied under global leaders in business growth, leadership, online marketing, copywriting and consulting, in order to give her clients the very best advice possible.

Courses she has undertaken in just the last few years include: Frank Kern’s Mass Control and Core Influence, Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing and How To Create Personality In Copy, Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, Anthony Robbins & Chet Holmes’ Ultimate Business Mastery, John Carlton’s Really Simple Writing System and Ramit Sethi’s Six Figure Consulting, to name a few.

3. She can can help you dramatically increase your profits online and put your sales process on autopilot

As a result of her training with the world’s best in business and marketing, she is one of the few expert copywriters in Australia who can:

  • Help you write world class direct response copy to sell more online
  • Strategically advise you to increase profits by tweaking levers in your business
  • Help you price and position your products for maximum success
  • Create information products for you to sell
  • Set up a sales funnel on your behalf
  • Optimise that funnel to maximise conversions
  • Automate the lead generation process

Regardless of your product or service, Camilla’s greatest value can be in helping you generate more sales, while putting your online business on autopilot.

4. She understands business and uncovers hidden opportunities to increase revenue

Prior to her advertising agency career, Camilla worked in the UK as a Digital TV Channel Manager, where she was a producer and writer of interactive advertisements for brands like Red Bull, L’Oreal, BMW, Audi, Clearasil, Estee Lauder and Macleans.

She also worked closely with major media corporations like the BBC and negotiated to obtain free content from their library, which was repurposed for branding and advertising opportunities (this was the first such agreement the BBC had ever entered).

The new content generated hundreds of thousands of pounds in additional revenue for the channel, demonstrating  Camilla’s entrepreneurial ability to see the opportunities others miss. Now, you have the opportunity for her to shine this laser focus on the latent, hidden opportunities in YOUR business…

5. She’s a master of mass media and knows how to get your business column inches

When she arrived in the UK, Camilla secured an internship with one of the of UK’s largest daily newspapers – The Sun. Owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, The Sun had the largest circulation of any daily newspaper in the UK until 2013 and is now second largest, with an average daily readership of approximately 5.5 million.

In addition, she is a published Feature Writer (for over 10 years) – specialising in travel writing (3 years) and music journliasm (5 years). She works closely with Editors and Journalists on a regular basis to this day.

Just imagine the unfair advantage you’ll have being represented by an ‘insider’ ex-journalist, who knows EXACTLY how Editors decide which stories to publish, and crafts your media releases and pitches accordingly. Take a look at Camilla’s unbeatable Public Relations services.

6. She knows how to have serious FUN

Camilla considers making her clients money a very serious affair, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull.

Copywriting Client Brisbane  “Great to work with, casual but deadly and always looking to find ways to excel the brief. She’s also a lot of FUN!” Serge Nagra, Bella Lujo

Copywriting Client, BrisbaneSmart, intelligent and quick to grasp a wide range of topics, I would recommend Camilla to anyone needing exceptional copywriting or marketing advice. – Earl Stevens

Downtime? What downtime?

When she’s not working from her home office on the Gold Coast, Camilla is a passionate devotee of Western Boxing and Muay Thai. She also enjoys surfing, renovating her home, organic gardening and hiking with her Siberian Husky, Mogwai.

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