Do you offer complementary services like SEO and web development?

This question is similar to the questions I get asked about providing graphic design services.

Yes I can organise them for you, but I prefer not to. Not unless we’re going to be working together for at least a year and on multiple projects – e.g. your website, a monthly newsletter, some PR and a few brochures. I don’t do this for many clients but I can offer it for the right business.

For example, for of my long term clients, I’ve become a bit of a ‘Marketing Consultant’ and help them with anything that’s going to help them promote their business and attract new clients. For them, I manage a SEO expert who works on improving their organic search engine rankings across their top keywords. This SEO and Web agency also makes the changes I request to their website, in line with whatever activities we’re doing that month. The benefit for my client is that they have ‘one throat to choke’ (e.g. a single point of contact for all their marketing needs). I explain all the techno-babble in an easy to understand way and likewise, they can tell me what they want in plain terms and I brief the SEO/Web agency specifically in terms they use.

The result? My client gets to focus on what they do best and has a trusted advisor they can call upon when they need, without having to book far in advance. They obviously retain me at an appropriate rate to cover this level of service – being so successful, this works out at incredible value for them. But as I mentioned, this is the exception not the rule. To take on another client like this, I’d need to be really sure we’ll go the distance and receive mutual benefit from our engagement.

What’s the best way for me to get a quote from you?

Go to the form on my contact page and fill in your details.

I aim to reply the same day but if things are hectic, it might take me 48 hours.

Bear in mind, while there are spots in my schedule that inevitably become vacant each week, I’m typically booked up well in advance, so it’s best to plan ahead and just get in contact for an idea of price ahead of time and then when you’re ready to move on it, we’re already familiar and I can give you priority for a quick turnaround.

How much do you charge?

I’ve worked in this business long enough to know that when a potential client is predominantly concerned about price, over and above what kind of value I can add to their bottom line, I know that they may not be the best client for me.

(Download my free book ‘Million Dollar Letters’ for more on this)

I’m in the business of making my clients money through my copywriting and advice. Not many other copywriters have trained in this, or understand how it works.

Take your website for example – there are so many things that affect how well copy performs on a site, so when I take on a new job, I’m advising you on more than just the copy – because I want you to succeed.

This means my clients get a lot more from me than just copy – they get:

A writer who has trained under the world’s best direct response experts
A writer who understands conversion optimisation
A writer who’s up to date on the latest Google algo changes
A writer who understands how you can make more money from your sales funnels
A writer who has worked extensively in offline marketing and advertising
A writer who keeps up to date on the very best lead generation tactics
A writer who has a keen eye for design, having worked closely with top Art Directors in leading ad agencies
A writer who has worked with global media outlets and understands PR intimately, including how to leverage a single press release, to achieve more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of media coverage

Can you see now how a price becomes less important as compared with how much value someone can provide? That’s strategic thinking – something I specialise in.

That’s the difference between working with the ‘world’s best’ – those who have created a sustainable business using their expertise and those who are trying their hand at something because the barriers to entry are low.

But to answer that nagging fear in the back of your mind, no – my prices aren’t out of this world – the value I deliver however, is. My clients can attest to this.

As a guideline, for a small website, expect to pay anywhere from several hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. For any copy where you will make sales as a direct result of my work, the price will reflect the value you’ll receive – and we’ll openly and fairly discuss this togther. You need to be happy and so do I.

I’ve graduated well past the point in my career where I need to charge by the hour. Why? Well, if a letter takes me three hours to write and it earns a client $2M in addditional revenue, that pricing structure simply doesn’t work any more.

But I am very fair and I can always clearly expalin what you’re getting for your money. Of course, I also offer my “100% satisfaction guarantee.”

To cut a long story short, I’m really only for the people who want the absolute BEST for their business. If you’re just looking to fill the gaps on your website with some ‘words’, it tells me something about the strategy you’re using to run your business. And I won’t be right for you.

However, if you want advice from someone about how you can be making more money online and offline, plus the copy to put that plan into action, then I’m your gal!

Where can I view samples of your work?

Each page of this site has samples of my copywriting. For example, the brochure samples are on the page about Brochure Copywriting.

I’ve only uplaoded a few samples for each category, as I have terabytes of material and uploading them all would be crazy. The samples that are there should give you a good feel for the range of industries I’ve worked for and how adaptable my style is.

If there’s something specific sample-wise that you don’t see on the site, just drop me a line and ask –

What industries have you successfully written copy for?

Real Estate developments (residential & commercial)
Legal services
Fertility treatments
Accounting firms
Financial services,
Personal training,
Property developers
Life coaching
Internet marketers and SEO services
Recruitment agencies
Advertising agencies
Real Estate Agencies
Home décor
Home automation
Training products
Automotive products
Commercial storage solutions
Make up artists
Beauty spas/salons

How long does it typically take you to complete a job?

There is no hard and fast rule for this – each job is unique and some require more research than others. Timing also obviously depends on how busy I am.

If you have something that’s super duper urgent, I can usually adhere to the time frames below, but you’ll need to add a surcharge for jumping the queue ahead of other people who have booked in.

(And don’t worry if you do book ahead, I never push back your deadline for queue jumpers – I put in extra hours at night and in the early morning, or even weekends sometimes, to fit them in – which is why they pay a surcharge, because basically I’m working in my private time when I could be surfing and working on my tan.)

I don’t do these type of ‘rush jobs’ often, but sometimes a client has been let down and needs a copywriter to pick up the slack and help make their project happen. (If they’re just lazy or majorly disorganised and haven’t planned ahead, I typically don’t choose to give up time at the beach to fit them in.) But – if you’re genuinely up the river without a paddle, I do my best. 🙂

Here’s a rough guide of how long copywriting jobs take:

Small websites (about 7 or 8 pages) : 1 – 2 weeks
Brochures (6 pages) : 2days – 1 week
Sales pages (20 pages +): 1 – 3 weeks
Case studies (1 page + interview): 24 hours
Corporate bios (1 page + interview): 24 hours
Ebooks (6-8 pages): 1 week
TVC & Radio ads: 12 – 24 hours
Media release: 24 – 48 hours
PR package: These usually last for a month min
eDM (electronic direct mail): 24 – 48 days

What’s the process of working together?

First of all, contact me for a quote, where you’ll tell me about what you need doing.

If I’m within your budget, you can reply and I’ll get in contact for a quick chat, to see if you’re covering all your opportunities to maximise revenue. I’ll also talk to you about my schedule to give you an idea of when you could expect the work back.

Once you’re happy we’re on the same page, I’ll send you a contract which covers us both with non disclosure clauses etc. and send you details of where to make a deposit (my terms are 50% upfront with balance due upon delivery of first draft).

At this point I’ll also advise you on a firm deadline of when you can receive work.

You’ll receive work on or before the designated deadline.

You pay the balance of the invoice.

You review the work, take as long as you need (which is why I request balances paid on delivery of the first draft – sometimes clients need a while, even showing it to other people, which can draw out the fine tuning process).

You let me know if there are any changes you need.

I make those changes within 48 hours or sooner and resupply.

You review and decide if there’s anything else you’re not totally thrilled with. You let me know.

I make the changes within 48 hour or sooner, and resupply, along with a request for some feedback on how you feel the job has gone, which I’ll use in my Testimonials section.

Get started today – submit a quick quote here and I’ll get back to you soon. Before you know it you’ll have your fabulous new copy ready to rock and roll.

I’m sold! How soon can I get my copy job into your schedule?

You’re ready to make history and money together? Great news!

Submit a quote via the form on my contact page and I’ll get right back to you within 24-48 hours.

Then the real magic begins. I’ll be waiting by my inbox…

Can you organise graphic design services for me too?

I can. But it’s not something I do for everyone. Reason being is that my skill set is best used providing advice and writing copy that makes you money – not briefing designers, checking their work and managing them to deliver a product to deadline.

While I’m highly experienced at managing designers, it is still a time drain and while you might be very happy to pay my fee for writing you copy that’s going to bring in sales, you probably won’t want to pay me the same amount for managing a designer. So it doesn’t make sense for you, or for me to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all your marketing production needs.

If you need me to create a Direct Mail piece, I will need to work closely with your designer if you have one, or my own, to realise my vision for how the pack should work. Usually DM clients already have their designer ready, but if it’s your first foray into Direct Mail, I have a large network of highly experienced designers and Art Directors we can choose from for the project.

Do you offer some sort of guarantee?

Yes! Here it is: If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay.

You’ll find very few other copywriters who are so bold as to wholeheartedly put their writing on the line like this.

There’s a very good reason why I can offer this guarantee: In over 12 years of writing full time, for some of the world’s largest brands, I’ve NEVER had an unhappy client (I know, you’re scoffing, but it’s honestly true. No-one has ever said, this isn’t good enough. If there’s even a sliver of doubt in my mind that they’re not completely thrilled, I keep going back and reworking the copy untill I hear ‘oohs and aahs’ on the other end of the phone.

The number of requests for changes I receive are so minimal, because I’m highly experienced – you have to remember, I’m not a grad student or a stay at home Mum who thinks she can earn a little coin on the side writing websites because she used to work in Marketing. This has been my full time CAREER for my entire life. So I kinda know what I’m doing, y’know?

I listen upfront, I tighten up briefs when a client is new to the game, I guide them and help them to arrive at clarity, so they know what they want, before they see it. Next, I choose my clients very carefully (I don’t take every job – not even close). Finally, I have to determine up front that I have the specific knowledge and capability to deliver something that will absolutely blow their socks off – or I won’t take the job.

With every piece you hire me to create, you get two rounds of changes included. These don’t included changes of scope – which is like saying, “Write me a 30 sec TV script” and then coming back after you receive the first draft and saying “Oh, we’ve decided we want a website now” – or, “We’ve changed the product we want you to write about.”

I can get into what ‘scope’ includes once we’ve further down the track, but for now – you can rest assured, every job I take on, I aim to blow you away.