When commencing business in a highly competitive industry, you need an edge – a point of difference over others. I knew the key was how to best articulate and customise my messaging to the target audience. Having worked with Camilla previously there was no question in my mind as to how I would best achieve and maximise first impressions.

Camilla was quick to understand the business and help in identifying key points of benefit for my target market. Camilla was able to capture clearly in a practical order the value of partnering with Lifeguard Pool Inspections over alternative providers.

Immediate support and turn around of material was critical for marketing and printing deadlines, and as always Camilla delivered. Already my business is growing due to the professional messaging put together by Camilla which is presented to new clients each and every day. Camilla is incredibly skilled in all she does and I couldn’t recommend her services more highly.

Matthew Gooding, Pool Safety Certifications
Lifeguard Pool Inspections Brisbane

I had no reservations AT ALL trying Camilla’s services, as she came highly recommended by a business professional whom I have great respect for.

My experience with Camilla was one of Consistency, Professionalism, Honesty, Care & Passion for the content and the story behind the content I had her produce.

I liked that I was able to have a personal connection with Camilla and that she took a genuine interest in my business values and goals.

Meg Forrester, CEO EVOHE Skincare
Evohe Skincare - Natural, certified organic ingredients

I had worked with many copywriters in the past, so I was confident in trying Camilla’s services. However, one concern I did have, was whether she would be able to grasp enough about the specific industries of our clients, not having previously worked with them.

Camilla’s writing style is flawless, she is able to take often technical, boring or detailed subjects and create exciting and readable copy. At a task level I find Camilla’s ability to switch between difference pieces and tailor them accordingly exceptional, whether it’s promotional, instructional or informative content.

Camilla produces high end work in fast turnaround times, yet is dedicated to producing a really high quality standard of work. I have never felt she has rushed copy and sent it on without a great deal of thought and revision to get the perfect outcome for our clients.

I would absolutely recommend Camilla to friends/colleagues because her copy gets results. In one project she reworked the structure and style of a corporate email newsletter that goes to a database of 10,000 readers each month. After the new structure and copy were implemented, the newsletter open rate increased by over 20%.

Camilla’s ability to work to tight deadlines constantly reflect her high level of professionalism, and her quick grasp and understanding of the project or client has produced work that regularly goes above and beyond our clients’ expectations. Camilla also has an excellent eye for design and works extremely well in matching creative copy with appropriate art design.

Brianna Vidal, Communications Agency Owner
Affinity Marketing, Sydney Australia

I found Camilla via a Google search and while I had some reservations about costs initially, my experience with her was excellent. I particularly appreciated being able to deal first hand with the writer and have her take my brief directly, ask questions etc.

Camilla is a very skilled and enthusiastic writer. She adapted herself well and provided engaging content that fit our criteria. We’ll definitely be using her services again!

PROify Amateur Photography Awards
Destin Sparks - Founder

Camilla created a direct mail piece for my SEO business here in the UK, after I found her website online. The copy she wrote is brilliant – she has a phenomenal grasp of direct response and was able to really get the message across of a technical concept. Plus she offered a range of suggested layouts and formatting ideas for the mailer which are just great and hired and managed a designer to put it all together for me… I can’t wait to get it printed and sent out!

Graham Cooper, SEO Specialist
SEO Link Hub - United Kingdom

Before trying Camilla’s services, I was mainly concerned about payment to someone I’d engaged via the internet. Would I pay a deposit and not see my money again? However after reading her material, testimonials and seeing how personal each email she sent was, compared to other copywriters, I was reassured.

I could just tell that she would go to the extra level of explanation I needed, which as a customer I found very satisfying. I would absolutely recommend Camilla’s services. I think there are a lot of people out there who feel as though they are hitting their heads against a brick wall with over worked copy. Sometimes a little inspiration is needed and that’s where Camilla comes in. She listens which is key.

Charles Buxton, Investment Banker
Investment Banker, JP Morgan - Sydney, Australia.

Hiring someone you’ve never met over the internet raised some concerns over the quality of the work and outcomes of the person we would hire. Could they understand my business and the customer personas we were trying to engage?

Camilla service was exceptional. She very quickly understood our business, took the time to listen and asked many questions regarding our brand position and how we wanted to engage with our various customer segments. I particularly appreciated how proactive she is – with suggestions to enhace and improve our brand engagement with customers. I would absolutely recommend her due to the quality of the relationship formed, her pricing and the quality of outcomes.

Robyn Saranah, Managing Director
Managing Director, Luminosa Light Switches

We first used Camilla on a major website rewrite in 2011. We found Camilla online and whlie there is always a little scepticism when contacting someone with whom you have no prior relationship online, Camilla responded promptly and professionally.

After meeting and reviewing her work we had Camilla produce a small job to review the standard of work that we might receive. We were thrilled with the test. Camilla had clearly listened to what we wanted and produced an outstanding piece. We then contracted Camilla to rewrite an entire website, some newsletters and marketing pieces. The results were fantastic and we continue to use Camilla whenever we need copywriting services.

Camilla is professional and will gladly provide advice and technical input to assist in achieving a great result. She is prompt and thorough at all times and her quality of work is outstanding. As a major web development company, we at Orange Digital need this level of quality and professionalism.

The benefits of contracting Camilla are clear to us:
·         A real person who listens and provides great advice
·         Great copywriting – consistent with what corporate Australia requires
·         On time, on budget, right first time

It is refreshing that people like Camilla are available to assist with delivering great copywriting without surprises. I have no hesitation in recommending Camilla to anyone requiring professional copywriting services

Peter Hartley, Director of Web Development Firm
Director, Orange Digital - Brisbane, Australia

Camilla provided the copy for a series of international print advertisements for the ‘Choose Brisbane‘ campaign, capturing the brief well in her portrayal of Brisbane to an Asian C-suite audience.
We were very pleased with the final outcome – I think Camilla has a wonderful creative flair for writing and was particularly talented at capturing the sentiment behind some of Brisbane’s arts and cultural events and personalities.
All work was delivered on time and Camilla was very professional in her dealings with the team.

Dani Townsend, Senior Marketing Executive
Brisbane Marketing- Brisbane Australia

Great writers are few and far between in this town but luckily I’ve found one of the best.
Camilla is the first port of call whenever I need not only an awesome concept but robust copy to bring it to life.
Her ability to tell a compelling story, in the right language for the target audience is mind blowing.
Would I recommend her? HELL YES!

Nick Pritchard, Creative Director
Nick Pty Ltd - Brisbane, Australia

We’ve seen a steady growth in our business since using Camilla. If you’re struggling, her expertise is well worth it. While we had some initial concerns about Camilla being able to capture our “voice”, we were really impressed with her ability to grasp our message and parlay it into a positive, authentic and convincing message, which we could never have done ourselves!

As a result of using Camilla’s copywriting services for our autoresponders and sales page, we found that business increased as we were better able to sell the benefits of our service and convince potential clients of our value. Camilla is very efficient, thorough and reliable. She has a talent for grasping the big picture, understanding the core message and then being able to push the buttons that make people take action and buy.

I would definitely recommend Camilla’s copywriting services. We have seen a steady growth of our business since using her, and copywriting is essential in attracting clients. If you are trying to improve your business and struggling, investing in Camilla’s expertise is well worth it!

Sally Asher, Weight Loss Coach
Thin For Life, Brisbane

We engaged Camilla to produce Shine Lawyer’s 2012 annual report.  This was our first ever such report, but Camilla immediately understood our requirements from a verbal, pictorial and layout point of view.  We were also rebranding at the time, with a new logo and colour scheme, but Camilla took this all in her stride, engaging and managing a graphic designer for us, to have the finished report delivered to our office.  The outcome was a quality product delivered on time, which was important as we needed it for our AGM.  I would have no hesitation in using Camilla again or in recommending her to others.

Kevin Howe, Shine Lawyers
Financial Controller, Shine Lawyers - Brisbane, Australia

Before briefing Camilla, I wasn’t sure if an outsider to my life/work style would “Get it”, understand, or be able to sell something they are not passionate about themselves… I was wrong and my fears were completely unfounded.

Camilla’s enthusiasm, passion and understanding popped off that page, as if I had written the copy myself (If I had that ability of course!). She has a super quick turn around, without ongoing tick tacking of further briefs on the matter, which saves a lot of time.  I couldn’t be happier and have already recommended Camilla’s copywriting services to my friends and contacts!

Chrissy Keepence, Vintage Stylist
Mistress of The Lindy Charm School For Girls - Gold Coast, Australia.

Before hiring Camilla we were intent that ‘the Bella Lujo journey’, our unique range of products, together with our passion could be understood and articulated effectively.

Camilla’s work is Wonderment – the outputs (across various mediums – web, print, media, brochures, etc) was bang on brief, articulated and represented better than we had envisioned possible.

Her ability to connect, listen, question, understand and articulate our brand, products and vision was exceptional. Great to work with, casual but deadly and always looking to find ways to excel the brief. She’s also a lot of FUN!

Camilla was able to take a spartan brief and turn it into meaningful content that was specific to our brand, products and product journey. The time taken on each component and to not duplicate content or spin similar content across sites is one simple example of the additional value Camilla offers over stock standard copywriters. 

Camilla really immersed herself into our brand, often used “our” and “we” statements which confirmed to us a sense of ownership and desire, and always offered up suggestions, continuous improvement options,  market/segment growth strategies – a real value add.

We would absolutely recommend Camilla’s services – and have done so on a number of occasions. The feedback from those who have reviewed her work has been extremely positive with loads of ooohhs and aahhhs – always a great giveaway.

I can’t even really suggest any improvements to make Camilla’s service even better, we’ve just had extremely positive encounters!

Serge Nagra, Entrepreneur
General Manager, Bella Lujo - Brisbane, Australia

One of the reasons that I specifically choose Camilla over other copywriters for creating my marketing pieces is because of her direct response background. What that means is that if Camilla creates something for me, as well as being a great read, it is also designed to SELL. There are few copywriters in Australia that have this ability, let alone for this price!

Monique Parker, Marketing Coach
Marketing Velocity - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Camilla is a extremely capable copywriter. She is bright minded, self reliant and has the rare capability of working with very little direction … while producing exceptional results. Camilla has a strong grasp on a wide range of topics, including business and marketing. She is easy to get along with and comes highly recommended.

Nick Clark, Franchising Consultant
Global Franchising & Licensing Consultant - Brisbane, Australia

I have worked with Camilla on a number of occasions and in each brief I gave she suggested bigger and better ways to communicate my message whilst listening to the brand and result I was out to produce. Camilla will not only write great copy, but due to her marketing knowledge will ensure that your message is fulfilling on your brand and will produce the outcomes that you are looking for to achieve. I’d recommend Camilla to anyone.

Rebecca Cleaves, Business Coach
Get Real Coaching - Brisbane, Australia

Camilla has a fantastic way with words and ensuring the communication gets to its target. Smart, intelligent and quick to grasp a wide range of topics, I would recommend Camilla to anyone needing exceptional copywriting or marketing advice.

Earl Stevens, CEO
Lee Crane Hire - Brisbane, Australia.

My main concern about trying a new copywriter was that the written translation of our service would not be effectively relayed to our customers, due to lack of technical understanding of our industry.

However, as a result of using Camilla’s copywriting services, our written communication is now able to convey the precise message we wanted to our customers.

The convenience and ease with which Camilla operates her business was a particular feature that we most liked. She offers a clear agreement document which outlines the scope of works to be provided, payment terms are clearly stated which allows for flexible payment options and final ownership of all written material lays with the purchaser.

I would definitely recommend Camilla’s services.  She is extremely good at what she does – her written expression is without doubt at the highest level and given the results we’ve enjoyed from her copy, she’s extremely good value for money!

Veeta Bassi, Entrepreneur
Owner, Dry Cleaning Central - Brisbane, Australia