You’d be surprised at how FEW of the world’s most recognised brand names were dreamt up by the CEO’s wife…

It’s tempting to brainstorm brand names and taglines (positioning statements) with your friends and family.

And for those businesses that never make it past their fifth birthday, whether your brand is of a calibre that can stand the test of time or not, is irrelevant anyway.

But if you’re planning on staying in business for the long term, your brand is something that needs more than just passing consideration.

Your brand name, tag line and brand story are vitally important in how your business, product or service is perceived by the market

It’s the ultimate first impression.

Your brand sets the tone for whether people like you. If they think you’re being honest. How much they’re willing to pay.

Think about a brand like Louis Vuitton.

People pay thousands for their handbags – and not entirely on the basis of quality. Rather, consumers want to be associated with their brand.

Is that the outcome you’re seeking?

If so, it pays to have someone experienced at building brilliant brands, to create yours.

12 years experience providing branding services, creating memorable, lovable brands

Having created brand names, taglines (positioning statements) and brand stories for 12 years, Camilla understands how to bring to life a brand that will grow with you, not hold you back.

If you visit any of Australia’s biggest capital cities, you’ll likely pass at least a few landmarks she has named and created brands for…

But real estate isn’t the only industry in which Camilla specialises in offering branding services. She also develops brands for professional services firms, start-ups and touch-and-feel-me products.

(And just quietly – it’s one of her favourite jobs to do!)

What do you get with Camilla’s branding service?

Camilla can craft a brand that perfectly captures the essence of your business, the position you seek to occupy in your prospect’s mind and the message you want to convey.

In her branding service you’ll receive:

  • Three options for a name to choose from, plus rationales of why the names are relevant to your brief (If you have your heart set on a name already, or if you have an existing business which needs to be re-branded, but not re-named, this service can be omitted).
  • 3 logo options for your chosen name (if you have your own designer, Camilla can brief them to articulate her vision, alternatively, she has designers with whom she regularly works)
  • A ‘moodboard’ which gives you an idea of the ‘look and feel’ of your brand. These are visual cues that will help your designer roll out the brand across various pieces such as stationery etc. (If you require, stationery design can be provided as part of this service).
  • A brand story – copy which you can use on your website and other marketing collateral, to communicate who you are and where you’ve come from (see an example below).
  • Additional services like website copy, brochure copy etc. can be added to this as you require

So how much does a world class brand cost?

A bricks and mortar branding agency (like the ones Camilla freelances for) charge up to $50,000 for a new brand.

But you won’t pay anything near that.

Each client’s requirements differ, putting branding jobs anywhere from $900, up to a few thousand, depending on whose designer is used and the inclusions you need.

Itching to get a new brand?

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